Direct Mail

Direct Mail Marketing is nothing new, but targeted direct mail marketing is something that is often overlooked in our the age of the internet. There are still very viable reasons to choose a direct mail marketing campaign for your company. To start, it’s a great way to not only gain new customers, but to create a growing loyalty with your existing customers. The more times a consumer sees your company and logo, the more aware, loyal, and trusted a consumer becomes with your company.

People are generally more receptive to tangible mail, like postcard marketing, compared to e-mail marketing. E-mail in-boxes are still being plagued with unsolicited spam emails and unknown e-mail address. There is also less competition against other companies, spam email, web page ads, or Google searches.

“Snail mail” is still more trusted. Receiving tangible mail is also thought to be more personal and memorable, which creates a lasting impact on each customer. We like to say “You can’t put an e-mail on your fridge”.

The flexibility of a direct mail marketing campaign is another great benefit. Your company is able to send out a variety of sizes and information directly to who wants it most, from direct mail postcards to brochures to catalogs. There a variety of sizes, shapes, pages, and content that can be sent out to entice future customers.

Through bulk mailing, it can be very cost efficient to begin a direct mail marketing campaign. Measuring the success of the mailing can also be easily determined through inquiries and redeemed offers. Direct mail advertising also gives your company a chance to show its brand, logo, and services. Even if the mail piece lands in a consumer’s hands who is not interested, they will still become aware of your company. Even if they may never need your product or services, they may know someone who does. Such are the advantages of direct mail marketing!

Detail Marketing Group's direct mail marketing services can help you company create an effective direct mail marketing campaign with direct mail lists that are focused on the demographics you prefer. A direct mail mailing list can be specified by age, income, home value, location, and more. Call us today!